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Growth hormone is a substance produced by a gland in the brain called the pituitary gland. 


Diabetes is the common term for several metabolic disorders in which the body no longer produces insulin or uses the insulin it produces ineffectively.


It is a common condition and is characterised by abnormally high blood sugar levels.


Haemostasis is the human body's response to blood vessel injury and bleeding. It involves a series of interactions between platelets and numerous blood clotting proteins (or factors), resulting in the formation of a blood clot.There are many medical conditions in which the blood fails to clot or coagulate normally. Many of these conditions are rare and require specialised medical care.

We will be the world’s leading diabetes care company

Our aspiration is to defeat diabetes by finding better methods of diabetes prevention, detection and treatment.We will work actively to promote collaboration between all parties in the healthcare system in order to achieve our common goals.