Changing Diabetes®

Diabetes is changing the world – how can we change diabetes?

Diabetes can be a devastating condition that ruins people's lives. It is one of today's great health challenges - a global emergency in slow motion. Without global action, there could be more than 592 million people living with diabetes by the year 2035.1

The time for change is now.

changig diabetes

Changing Diabetes® is Novo Nordisk’s response to the global diabetes challenge. Together with our global partners, we are working to raise awareness, improve access to care and address psychosocial aspects of diabetes to improve people’s lives.

Changing Diabetes® is also about working at the frontiers of research and development to improve treatments and create more opportunities for people with diabetes.  This includes going beyond medicine to advocate for better education and support, helping people better manage their diabetes and live life on their own terms.

Diabetes is a crisis we can change

In collaboration with policymakers and health organisations worldwide we are pushing diabetes to the top of the global health agenda. In addition to advocating for better healthcare policies and care models, we are working together with patient organisations to raise awareness about prevention, care and control of diabetes.

Through our actions, we will turn the tide of the diabetes pandemic. 
And until the day we defeat diabetes, we will support people in living fuller and healthier lives.