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We aim to hire up to 900 people by 2020: 600 people for careers in Bangalore at the Global Service Centre and furthermore 300 people for sales jobs around India and at the office in Bangalore. See the main job categories we are hiring/will hire within.

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We need people whose skills, dedication and ambition will help us to continue to change lives for the better as we grow our business and help millions of people in India and globally.

If you are passionate about what you do, support our goal of defeating diabetes, obesity and other chronic deseases and are ready to embrace a life-changing career, you could be the perfect match for our organization.

Jobs to be filled from 2018 by 2020

Global Service Center
600 jobs by 2020
    Novo Nordisk India
300 jobs by 2020
  • Commercial Strategy & Corporate Affairs
  • Sales people
  • Global IT
  • Head office e.g. finance, HR, Marketing
  • Global Medical Affairs
  • Global Regulatory Affairs
  • Global Finance
  • Good Clinical Practice Audits
  • Global Development
  • Supply Chain
  • Global Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Global People Operations
  • Quality Management Support
  • Corporate Patents
  • Global Safety
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Living with Diabetes
Millions of people today have diabetes or take care of someone with the disease. It is possible to lead a full and active life with diabetes when the disease is properly managed. Read more.


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