As a part of the new digital strategy, Novo Nordisk is establishing a network of Digital Innovation Hubs in the most active and vibrant health- ecosystems in the world. These hubs will be a key link with local, digital healthcare start-ups but also with different players of the innovation ecosystem. Together we will co-create solutions, amplify our purpose, and defeat diabetes and other serious chronic disease.

This is a 6-month co-creation program, bringing together innovative startups and industry know-how to solve internal challenges. The program is divided into 4 stage innovation funnel: Challenge mapping, Start-up scouting and selection, Pilot and Scale

What is it for the startups applying:

Paid Pilot with Novo Nordisk
Opportunity to co-create, experiment and deploy solutions for Novo Nordisk business units.

Commercial Partnership
Based on pilot outcomes potential commercial partnership with GBS Novo Nordisk.

Visibility & Exposure
Exposure to the global team, business units for collaboration opportunities and access to a network of decision-makers and innovators.

Access to Data
Access to data from GBS business units to test and co-innovate solutions.

Mentorship Support
Subject matter expert support in technology, industry, business and global expansion.

Startups with tested and proven products/solutions built on emerging technologies can apply.

We are open to meet founders with other ground-breaking solutions for us!

Last date to apply: 29 February 2024

Creating detailed slide decks can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Do you have a best-in-class Gen AI solution that can automate creation and designing of medical content slide decks?

We are looking for a solution that can help us present complex scientific data into  creative and engaging formats and help us effectively advance our narrative or study to important stakeholders.

We invite you to bring us “best-in-class” digital solutions to establish an enhanced user experience for our employees who dedicate time to building knowledge documents in the form of slide decks.

You will be collaborating closely with Novo Nordisk’s Global Medical Affairs team to co-create a viable and a scalable solution.

The solution must have the ability to take complex medical content and turn it into visually engaging representations that are more infographic than text-heavy. These infographics must be easy-to-understand with visualisation that communicates key messages effectively. This will help to create slide decks that not only look professional but also capture the attention of the audience, leading to increased engagement and understanding of the medical content presented.

The Gen AI tool must be able to assist with designing slide decks, by suggesting layouts, fonts, and colors that are visually appealing and effective, as per Novo Nordisk’s creative visual identity and brand guidelines

The solution must equip the presenter to personalise slide decks based on their target audience 

Currently, these slides require a high standard of research, writing, designing, and formatting of the content. The consequences of accidental omission and other errors in medical resources are very high. The solution must have a way to flag such errors and accommodate corrections, with an option to control different versions of the document.