At Novo Nordisk Global Business Services, we value our employees for the unique skills, backgrounds and perspectives they bring to the table.

It is very important to us that anyone working with us feels empowered as an employee and as a person - to achieve a work-life balance that supports their current priorities and where they want to go next.

Our talented, diverse and driven teams work collaboratively across the pharma value chain to improve the quality of life for people living with serious chronic diseases through breakthrough science and innovation.

Meet some of our employees below and check out the many vacant jobs we offer locally and globally. Join us! Together, we are life-changing.

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Anns Maria

1. What excites you about your work at Novo Nordisk GBS?
The most insightful and amazing thing to learn has been, how technology, data and digitalisation are playing a critical role in defeating serious chronic diseases. What I also love about working at GBS is a strong commitment towards fostering a high-performance culture and people development.

2. How does it feel to know that your work drives change for patients around the world?
As an editor, I work with Standard Operating Procedures that are used for various operational activities including manufacturing and distribution. Every document we work on is necessary to deliver products of the highest quality to our patients. To be a part of the larger mission of serving our patients worldwide, is truly empowering and pushes me to never compromise on the work that we do.

3. What is one advice you would like to give someone looking to join Novo Nordisk GBS?
If you are motivated by the desire to be involved in work that directly impacts the lives of others in a positive way, then this place is for you. Starting a career at Novo Nordisk is an opportunity to improve the lives of millions of people living with a serious chronic disease. It is truly a life changing career.

Sourish Dey

1. How has your career journey been at Novo Nordisk GBS?
At Novo Nordisk, the organization is deeply involved in the development of an individual, whether it is via mentorship, training, and courses, or via short-term assignments. Here, career progression is anything but linear, and people have opportunities to explore across domains to match one’s interests and skills.

2. How does it feel to know that your work drives change for patients around the world?
I feel humbled to be contributing to the company’s purpose, by driving disease awareness for patients, drug information to doctors, and developing other relevant and critical information. We also create easy digital access to this information helping healthcare professionals in their daily practice and enabling patients to better understand their condition.

3. Can you share a few tips on how to set yourself up for success at Novo Nordisk?
Here are a few tips to help you build a successful career at Novo Nordisk

a. Networking with people in positions you aspire to be in.
b. Learn and explore new challenges, to increase your knowledge and personal brand value.
c. Chalk out your short and long-term goals and an action plan to achieve them.
d. Speak up to voice your thoughts in the right forums.
e. Challenge the status quo - Find smarter and more effective strategies to be a cut above your peers.

Vani R

1. Tell us about your career journey at Novo Nordisk GBS?
I joined the Global Safety team at Novo Nordisk GBS in 2014 as a Drug Safety Associate, ensuring high-quality individual case safety reports were submitted to regulatory authorities. Seven years later I joined the Trial data management team under the Clinical and Data Science. I am now responsible for setting up database and handling clinical trial data, that is ready for further analysis.

2. What motivated you to choose the new role, and how did you work towards it?
I've always been intrigued by data management and how we at Novo Nordisk ensure the accuracy, security, and reliability of the datasets. The new role was an opportunity to extend my current responsibilities and make meaningful contributions to the organization, while realizing my development plan. I am grateful to my manager who encouraged me to embrace this opportunity and GBS’ commitment to internal mobility and career development.

3. How has having an internal mobility framework and Individual Development Plan (IDP) helped you progress your career?
Having a structured IDP have enabled great development conversations with my manager and mentor, which helped me plan and follow through my career aspirations. The internal mobility framework further supported me to fulfill my passion and build a successful career path. I also acquired new skills, worked with different people, and learnt from them through the process.

Janak Raj Singh

1. You had an entrepreneurial stint before you joined Novo Nordisk. What have been some of the learnings that you carry to your job?
I pursued my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and was running a food truck before I joined Novo Nordisk GBS. With my passion for cooking and feeding people, this stint gave me a view of how business is owned, run and enjoyed at the same time. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I had to shut shop and applied for a job at Novo Nordisk.
My entrepreneurial experience helped me drive enhanced stakeholder management and better service delivery and navigate through my role effectively.

2. What was it like getting back into the corporate world?
It was a challenging getting back to corporate life as I was constantly being questioned about the work gap as opposed to evaluating my skillset. Novo Nordisk was different with the discussions were focusing on assessing my skills and experience my entrepreneurial learnings also worked in my favor during my discussions. This reinforces my trust in Novo Nordisk and the high-performance work culture it stands for.

3. What would you suggest for someone who wants to get back to corporate work after a break?
Never quit learning! Keep yourself abreast of the current happenings. Stay active on LinkedIn and update your profile regularly to create a personal brand. Do your research before applying to a role and invest in learning about the company.

4. How does it feel to know that your work drives change for patients around the world?
My work entails offering brand and market performance dashboards to our stakeholders. The insights we offer to our stakeholders enable them to make faster and better-informed decisions. The digital solutions enable viewing the numbers on-the-go and the performance trackers help take corrective steps, helping us maximize our sales, thereby reaching maximum patients.

Sneha S

1.  What made you take up this role at Novo Nordisk?  
I started my career as a business development executive with a goal to work for a life science company one day. I had been following Novo Nordisk’s work online and was quite inspired by the 100-year legacy it has carried with utmost commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of patients. I am excited about Novo Nordisk’s future and how we will follow through with our vision of defeating diabetes and other chronic diseases. 

2. You are part of the Digital Innovation Hub in India. Tell us more about what you do.
As a digital innovation analyst, I get to work on various business use cases where understanding key market dynamics is critical. I work with an amazing team and the newly formed Business Innovation Garage that identifies and drives growth opportunities created by emerging technology. We work with a user-centric approach where our objectives are repeatedly evaluated and challenged through usability testing, ensuring that we stay on track to deliver on the relevant user needs.

Starting from the initial scouting phase of the fast-track innovation program to development and maturation leading to the creating of a new partnership model, this process is followed throughout. We actively manage a digital projects portfolio platform that provides some very good insights across various business areas and the entire pharma value chain. 

3. How does Innovation align with the vision of Novo Nordisk?
Innovation is an outcome of a habit that the company has in its genes of driving positive change when it comes to designing products for people with serious chronic diseases. Our digital health activities through enabling effective industry partnerships are an important element in fulfilling this ambition. Digital technology will result in the radical transformation to develop products and services ‘beyond the pill’. The three strategic focus areas for us to focus on:

  • Optimize our Value chain by Redesigning and Automation
  • Augment our portfolio – 5 D solution of Drug, Diagnostics, Device, Digital and Data
  • Explore new value creation. 
Suchita Telange

1. How did you manage to relaunch your career and what helped you jump-start? 
In 2021, I was at the peak of my career when I decided to take a break to prioritise one of my biggest life moments of becoming a mother. During my break as I embraced motherhood and my newborn, I also decided to use this time to stay in touch with the latest in the field of HR and upskilled myself to be prepared for when I decide to get back to my professional career.

When I applied for the role at Novo Nordisk, I was a bit surprised that they were not interested in knowing about the whys and whats of my career break. After I joined, I experienced an extremely supportive and inclusive workplace culture that allowed me to transition into professional life with excitement and ambition. 

2. Do you experience equality and equity at Novo Nordisk?
Being a parent is extremely demanding and equally rewarding. Being a working parent at Novo Nordisk with the right support, flexibility and benefits has allowed me to bring my whole self to work. My experience and expertise are valued. As an HR Projects partner, I get to work with some amazing people,  manage exciting projects, and see myself adding value to the team. 

3. What would you recommend to aspiring women professionals coming back from a career break?
Here are three tips that I believe in and follow.

1. Give yourself flexibility and be kind to yourself during this time of flexibility and change.

2. Keep your learning path open and take time to stay updated in your area of expertise during your break. Don’t get disheartened with failures and disappointments.

3. Lean into your network for support at home or professionally. It is important to feel encouraged and supported during your transition.