Novo Nordisk Global Business Services (GBS) in Bangalore, India, plays an important role in enabling stakeholders across Novo Nordisk to improve the lives of millions of people living with a serious chronic disease. At GBS, we take pride in delivering innovative, high-quality end-to-end business solutions across the entire pharma value chain with a strong focus on talent incubation, digitalization, and process excellence.

We are guided by a strong, time-tested, and passionate company culture. We call it the ‘Novo Nordisk Way’. This ethos is underpinned in every decision we make and is deeply ingrained in all our people. It ensures the long-term growth and welfare of our company and helps us find the right balance between compassion and competitiveness.

Driving digital transformation through innovation

In today’s changing scenarios, having a strong digital backbone is very important. Hence, we believe in building strong collaborations with digital start-ups in order stay up to date with industry changes. Our collaboration models are designed to build a bridge between start-ups and our Innovation team in GBS. These models take a lean approach that helps us test and learn at an accelerated pace.

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GBS Business Services Innovation Garage